HSSE Policy


The TANKMED Terminal organization in La Skhira includes an HSSE policy. This policy is focused on the availability of written procedures, rules and instructions for the control and the monitoring of the installations, maintenance, the safety and the protection of employees.

HSSE Policy is built in particular as TANKMED:

- Takes care of the respect of laws, regulations, listed establishment authorization, Tunisian or International standards in the oil sector.

- Respects the arrangements of the ISGOTT and “Good Practice” and authorizes the international customers to audit its HSSE policy.

- Provides for the whole of its agent an industrial medicine and a regular medical control, to each one the individual protection equipments as well as information on safety datasheets of the handled products.

- Has an urgency plan “P.O.T” which contains all the aspects of action to be taken in case of disaster event, including functions, allocation, organization procedures and means of transmission and immediate action to face the disaster including care to victims.

- Entrusts to specialized offices with regular check operations for electric installations, apparatuses under pressure, means of lifting, loading/unloading hoses and extinguishers.

- Has registers for the traceability of the waste generated by the Terminal.

- Programs each year and applies a plan of training and exercises of fire fighting in order to integrate the concepts of first aid and fire-protection.

- Takes care to transform the knowledge of the risks into actions of prevention by analyses of risks led systematically, holding in account of the experience feedback of the accidents and the dangerous situations, and leasing to eliminate or to reduce risks situations.